Best Dive Sites in Koh Phangan

The Samui Archipelago, which consists of the three islands, Koh SamuiKoh Tao, and Koh Phangan, are located in South East Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao, the smallest of the islands, is known amongst backpackers as the diving island. However, Koh Phangan is larger and offers comparable diving along with more activities for non-divers. In no particular order, here are some of the best dive sites in Koh Phangan.

Sail Rock

Although technically not in Koh Phangan it’s one of the most famous dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. Sail Rock is located in between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. It takes approximately an hour from Koh Phangan and an hour and a half from Koh Tao and is frequently visited by many dive shops on both islands.

With gradual descents to a sandy bottom at more than 30 meters the dive site is perfect for divers of all levels. An oasis in the water, this dive site is abundant in marine life with everything from colourful soft corals, giant clams, moray eels, groupers, schools of barracuda, and even the occasional whale shark.

For the more advanced diver there is a famous swim through known as “the chimney”. This vertical swim starts at 18 meters and ends at 6 meters. For the more novice divers there is another entry/exit point is at 12 meters. Good buoyancy control is always recommended for swim throughs.

Koh Ma

On the northwest side of the island Koh Ma is a well-known dive site offering an interesting topography of soft and hard corals. Due to the sites protected location, calm waters and the shallow reef allow for long extended dives all year around. Schooling fish are popular here along with barracuda, pink anemone fish and plentiful butterfly fish. This dive site s also great for those with non-diving travel partners as its shallow reefs make it suitable for snorkelling.

Angthong National Marine Park

Protected marine waters this national park is rich in caves, swim throughs, and gently descending reefs. This national park has multiple dive sites with remarkably diverse soft corals and beautiful big barrel sponges this dive site is worth visiting just for the reef. But due to the protected waters this area is packed with marine life. Large snappers, spotted sting rays, cuttlefish, squid, schools of fusiliers and even banded sea snakes. Trips to Angthong National Park are arranged in advance and are subject to weather conditions. If interested it is best to contact us in advance to see if a trip can be scheduled during your visit.

Haad Yao

Finally in our round up of the best dive sites in Koh Phangan, we have Haad Yao. With a max depth of 12 meters this dive site is perfect for beginners. With lots of colourful tropical fish including moray eels, squid and cuddle fish this dive site is fun even for the advance diver. As well as boat, this dive site is accessible by shore depending on weather conditions.

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